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We have a good selection of use books related to Mennonite history.  Contact us at or call 204 487-3300 Ext. 344 to place an order.  Shipping, taxes and handling are extra.

List updated Dec 2017.

Bargain Books

Friesen, Rudy. Building on the Past: Mennonite Architecture … in Russia (2004) $45 Now $30

Friesen, Edith. Journey Into Freedom (2003) $35 Now $10.

Friesen, John. Against the Wind: The Story of Four Mennonite Villages Gnadental, Gruenfeld, Neu-Chortitza, Steinfeld. (1994) $15 Now $7

Haas, J. Craig. Readings from Mennonite Writings: new and Old. (1992) $20 Now $5

Kauenhowen, Reinhild. Mennonite Furniture: A Migrant Tradition (1766-1910) (1991) $35 Now $10

Letkemann, Peter. The Ben Horch Story. (2007) $25  Now $15

Quiring, Walter. Als Ihre Zeit Erfüllt War: 150 Jahre Bewährung in Russland. (1963) $40 Now $20

Quiring, Walter. Mennonites in Canada: A Pictorial Record. (1961) $25 Now $10

Reger, Adina. Diese Steine: Die RusslandMennoniten. (2001)  $15 Now $9

Warkentin, Abe. Gäste und Fremdlinge: Strangers and Pilgrims (1987) $20 Now $9.


Selected Used Books

Abram Braun Reunion Committee. Abram and Anna Falk Braun Family Reflection 1860-1991. (1991). Pb., $20.00.

Bartel, SiegfriedLiving with ConvictionGerman Army Captain Turns to Cultivating Peace.  (1994) Pb., $9.00

Birdsell, SandraThe Russlaender. (2001) Pb., $10.00

Chornoboy, Eleanor Hildebrand. Faspa: A Snack of Mennonite Stories. (2003) Pb., $35.00.

Doerksen, Bernhard. Family Tree of Abraham Doerksen, Regina Hoeppner and Descendants 1804-1960. (1960). Pb., $20.00.

Dueck, Abe. Concordia Hospital: Faith, Health and Community, 75 Years 1928-2003. (2003) Pb., $10.00

Dueck, Dora. A Time to Remember: The Story of Reverend B.B. and Liese Fast. (2009)  $8.00.

Dyck, John. Descendants of Jacob Dyck and Elisabeth Jaeger. (1992)., $30.00.

Dyck, Peter & Elfrieda Dyck. Up From the Rubble. (1991) Pb., $10.00

Enns, F.G.  Gretna.  Window on the Northwest.  (1987) Hdc., $25.00

Ens, Adolf. Becoming a National Church: A History of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada. (2004) $10.00

Ens, AnnaIn Search of Unity.  Story of the Conference of Mennonites in Manitoba.  (1996) Pb., $10.00

Ens, Gerhard JA History of the Mennonite Collegiate Institute.  1889-1989. (1990) Hdc., $15.00

Epp, Frank HMennonite Exodus (1976) Hdc., $20.00

Epp, Frank HEducation with a Plus.  The Story of Rosthern Junior College.  (1975) Hdc., $10.00.

Epp, Frank H. Whose Land is Palestine? (1970) Pb., $8.00.

Epp, MarleneMennonite Women in Canada:  A History.  (2008) Pb., $10.00

Epp, Peter GAgatchen.  A Russian Mennonite Mother`s Story.  (1986) Pb., $20.00

Epp-Tiessen, Esther.  JJ Thiessen: A Leader for His Time.  (2001) Pb., $15.00

Epp-Tiessen, Esther.  Altona.  The Story of a Prairie Town.  (1982) Hdc., $15.00

Fretz, J. Winfield. The Waterloo Mennonites: A Community in Paradox. (1989) Pb., $8.00

Friesen, Elsa. Derksen Genealogy 1749-1987. (1987) $10.00

Friesen, John, ed. Mennonites in Russia.  Essays in Honour of Gerhard Lohrenz.  (1989) Hdc. $25.00

Friesen, P. M. The Mennonite Brotherhood in Russia, 1789-1910. (1978) Pb., $40.00.

Friesen, Rudy. Descendants of Cornelius Friesen. (1986) Pb., $12.00.

Friesen, Rudy P. Into the Past.  Buildings of the Mennonite Commonwealth.  (1996) Pb., $20.00

Friesen, Ted with Elisabeth Peters. Memories of Grigorievka. (1998) $21.00

Gerbrandt, Henry J. En Route  Hinjawäajis: The Memoirs of Henry J. Gerbrandt. (1994) $12.00

Hiebert, Clarence, Brothers in Deed to Brothers in Need.  (1974) Hdc., $65.00

Kennel, Marianne Reimer. Desendants of Abram Froese: 1754-1998. (1998) $15.00

Klassen, Herbert and Maureen Klassen. Ambassador to His People: C.F. Klassen and the Russian Mennonite Refugees. (1990) Pb., $9.00

Klippenstein, Lawrence and Julius G. ToewsMennonite Memories.  Settling in Western Canada.  (1977) Hdc., $10.00.

Kroeker, Nettie. Far Above Rubies: The Story of Helena Wiens. (1976) Pb., $10.00

Kroeker, N.JFirst Mennonite Villages in Russia, 1789-1943.  (1981) Hdc., $45.00.

Loewen, Harry, ed.  Mennonite Images.  Historical, Cultural, and Literary Essays.  Dealing with Mennonite Issues.  (1980) Pb.,  $8.00.

MacMaster, Richard K.  Land, Piety, Peoplehood.  The Establishment of Mennonite Communities in America, 1683-1790.  (1985) Pb., $10.00

Neufeld, Abram H.  Translated and editedHerman and Katharina.  Their Story.  (1984) Pb., $10.00

Neufeld, Dietrich; Reimer, Al (trans.) A Russian Dance of Death: Revolution and Civil War in the Ukraine. (1977) $10.00

Neufeld, John H. The Story That Shapes Us: Sermons by John H. Neufeld. (1997) $5.00

Peters, Gerald. Diary of Anna Baerg: 1916 – 1924 (1985), $8.00.

Plett, C.F. The Story of the Krimmer Mennonite Brethren Church (1985) Pb., $15.00.

Plett, Delbert F.  Saints and Sinners.  The Kleine Gemeinde in Imperial Russia  1812 to 1875 (1999) Pb., $10.00

Plett, Delbert F. History and Events.  Writings and maps pertaining to the history of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde from 1866 to 1876.  (1982) $8.00

Plett, Delbert F. Old Colony Mennonites in Canada, 1875-2000. (2001) Pb., $10.00

Priess, Anita.  Exiled to Siberia (1972) $10.00

Redekop, Calvin Wall.  The Old Colony Mennonites.  Dilemmas of Ethnic Minority Life.  (1969) Hdc., $15.00

Rempel, John D. and Paul TiessenForever Summer, Forever Sunday  Photographs of Mennonites in Russia, 1890-1917.   (1981) Hdc., $75.00.

Schapansky, Henry. Mennonite Migrations (and the Old Colony). (2006) Pb., $25.00

Toews, J. A. A History of the Mennonite Brethren Church. (1975) Pb., $10.00

Toews, John B. Czars, Soviets & Mennonites. (1982) Pb., $10.00

Toews, Paul. Mennonites in American Society, 1930-1970. (1996) Pb., $5.00.

Unruh, Benjamin H. Die Niederländisch-niederdeutschen Hintergründe der Mennonitischen Ostwanderungen im 16, 18 und 19 Jahr hundert. (1955) Pb., $45.00.

Urry, James. Mennonites, Politics, and Peoplehood: Europe-Russia-Canada, 1525 to 1980. (2006) Pb., $20.00

Urry, James. None but Saints: The Transformation of Mennonite Life in Russia, 1789-1889. (1989) Pb., $15.00

Voth, Norma Jost. Mennonite Foods & Flokways from South Russia, Volume II. (1991) Hdc. $15.00.

Ward, Lynne. David Heinrich Friesen and Family, 1720-2001. (2002), $25.00,

Wiebe, Gerhard. Causes and History of the Emigration of the Mennonites from Russia to America. (1981) Pb., $5.00

Yoder, John Howard. The Politics of Jesus. (1972) Pb., $7.00.

Zacharias, Isaak I. Meine Lebensgeschichte 1868-1945. (1995) $15.00

Zacharias, Peter D. Reinland: An Experience in Community. (1976), Pb., $20.00.